Summer Games Fest; The Highlights

Geoff Keighley’s baby and successor to any sort of true E3 event has come back for another year, and dare I say it, it’s better than ever.

Between its presentation, a live audience experience, and even some of that absolutely fantastic E3 brand cringe this is one of the most memorable showcases in quite some time.

You can say what you want about the games that have been shown, I certainly found them a little disappointing overall, but you can’t deny that this is on track to usher us in from the era of Not E3 to a new Golden Age of Keighley Fest.

But aside from the commercials, controllers, cringe, and cameos, let’s take a look at the most promising titles from Summer Games Fest.


You had me at Bulletstorm.

Witchfire looks to be a mix between a Boomer-shooter and just a good ol fashioned campaign FPS from some pretty impressive developers.

The games arresting art style is reminiscent of a sort of dark, Hunt Showdown style western which I think is a heavily underexplored style that I am more than happy to dive back into.

Releasing into early-access September 20th, 2023.

Remnant 2

Remnant: From the Ashes was one of maybe three Soulslike from someone other than From Software that was actually pretty fantastic and Remnant 2 seems to continue that tradition.

A heavier emphasis on all out sci-fi, retaining and elevating its fantastic enemy design. and even hints at deeper class design and a bit more emphasis of co-operative gameplay, Remnant 2 looks to double down on what it knows best.

Releasing July 25th I anticipate talking about this one more soon.

Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars continues Segas reinvigoration of the 2D Sonic formula, but instead of only attempting to re-capture the magic Sonic Superstars seems to further it.

Expanding upon the 2D platforming mechanics, allowing us to play as characters we haven’t in the 2D editions thus far, and adding the very exciting Co-op mode shows us that Sega is doubling down on one of the best ways to experience Sonic.

Coming out surprisingly soon, Sonic Superstars is out Fall 2023.

Lies of P

As much as my instincts scream at me to not get my hopes up, man, this game just does not stop looking fantastic.

In one of the strongest trailers of the entire showcase by a significant margin, we got a glimpse at terrifying, colorful, and magnetizing enemies, environments, and characters, showing how this game has truly set itself apart from its most obvious comparison of Bloodborne.

Lies of P is now confirmed out Sep 19th, 2023, and very surprisingly has a demo out today which I am definitely playing as we speak.

Alan Wake 2

I like the part where it still makes absolutely no sense and Sam Lake can’t answer literally a single question in a way that is helpful.

We’ve already covered Alan Wake 2 in the Sony showcase but the new gameplay looks excellent. Between its sharper gunplay from Control while still retaining the stylistic elements of its long bereft original, Alan Wake 2 looks as though it’s taking the best lessons the studio has learned so far to create something absolutely wild.

Alan Wake 2 is out October 17th, 2023.

Yes, Your Grace Snowfall

I really do have a weakness for this kind of art style.

Coming to us from Brave at Night, Yes, Your Grace Snowfall is a management/tactics/maybe action game(?) that sees you in the position of a King handling a realm beset with monsters and enemies on all sides.

Only release date given is for sometime in 2024.

Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior

This absolutely beautiful indie draws obvious comparisons to other Isometric action games like Hades but stands out in its unique time mechanic wherein you replay combats alongside ghost versions of your past self (kind of like ghosts in racing games).

This puzzle aspect of the action displayed looks like it could elevate it to being an extremely interesting standout in a very competitive genre.

No release date on this one just yet.

Honorable Mentions

Mortal Kombat 1 - Looks like another solid entry into the franchise if you’re into fighting games (which I am unfortunately not).

Warhammer Space Marine 2 - Looks pretty fantastic but I don’t know anything about this very intimidating franchise.

Lord of the Rings; Return to Moria - Honestly looks like a pretty fun little co-op survival, but with Gollum fresh in the mind the franchise in gaming is… tainted, to say the least.

Steam Next Fest - Love to see another fest on the horizon, not a video game.

Annapurna Showcase Announcement - Very exciting to see the excellent gaming division of Annapurna getting its own showcase, also not a video game.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Geoff Keighley’s grand finale was certainly that, giving us the first look at the next chapter in this reboot saga and continuing what seems to be the never-ending momentum behind the Final Fantasy train.

This is definitely the sequel to the Remake we know and love, but we did get some glimpses into how that twist ending will be played out for the rest of this remake.

Final Fantasy Rebirth is due out Early 2024.